Fall 2018 Workshops with Dean Gilmour



1) Mime Storyteller

The study of mime is absolutely essential training for any one who wants to be creator of his or her own theatre. This workshop explores learning to think with the body. Using fairy tales as a source we explore the mime storyteller. We will create images in space and tell stories with the body and the voice.

September 18-28 (2 pm to 5:00 pm: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday)

$450 + HST

2Commedia Dell’arte and Moliere

This work is rooted in the actor’s pleasure to be totally alive on stage using the masks of the Commedia dell’Arte and texts of Moliere. It is a theatre that is born from the actor’s imagination. Playing in complicity with others and the public, it is not a style, but a state of being on stage: naive, open and ready to take a risk.

October 2-19 (2 pm to 5 pm: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday)

$550 +HST

3) Clown

The work of Clown is a journey of self-discovery that puts the actor in the limelight.  Clown work is a rediscovery of innocence, the pleasure of play and the importance of playing with complicity. Alone, centre stage, the actor learns that pleasure is the motor of play and complicity is the catalyst of communication. We work with the red nose, the smallest mask that requires transparency and is the doorway to total freedom on stage. It reveals the beauty of naivety and the poetry of stupidity. In Clown the actor learns the power of vulnerability and the importance of simplicity. They will get in touch with their own absurdity and have fun celebrating it on stage. The honesty, simplicity and openness that the actors discover in clown will inhabit all of their work.

October 30-November 16 (2 pm to 5 pm: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday)

$550 +HST

4) Bouffon

For a few years now the Buffon has become an important training ground for young actors. The work grows from a pleasure to blaspheme. They are the children of the devil who come to the theatre to denounce the beautiful people. They spit at the Gods but it lands on the head of man because the Gods are too far away. Parody is the weapon of the Bouffon. They laugh, they sing, they dance and they mock with derision.

November 20-December 7 (2 pm to 5 pm: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday)

$550 + HST


For further information contact: dean.gilmour@gmail.com