Stories from Ovid’s Metamorphoses

Premiering Spring 2020 at the Theatre Centre

When Dean and I dreamt of this project I had a hunch that Ovid’s Metamorphoses could be a beautiful match for Theatre Smith-Gilmour. We love illusion on stage and I thought we could accomplish those metamorphoses with invention, humour and low tech using the Art of mime, movement and theatre to tell these beautiful stories in our own fashion.

Dean and I chose the stories: examining what they are about, we extracted the ones that relate to us today. Ovid paints the landscape of a cruel world that could be our world: rape, revenge, gruesome violence and women’s rage, a world in which the metamorphoses are about resilience and survival. I love his philosophy of life as a long wave of transformations: no death, no birth, no beginning and no end, but an endless possibility to flee, to never be pinned down to one identity.

-Michele Smith

Starring Rob Feetham, Dean Gilmour, Daniel Richard HenkelChristine Horne and Nithya Garg

Directed by Michele Smith

Sound Design by Simon Rossiter

Set and Costume Design by Teresa Przybylski