Make a Donation this Holiday Season

Help us reach our year-end campaign goal of $5,000 by making a donation to Theatre Smith-Gilmour

There’s still time to help with the creation of our upcoming production,  Stories from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. We hope you’ll take a moment to make a year-end donation to TSG this holiday season.

For the past 40 years your contributions have allowed us to dedicate our lives to creating theatre, a theatre that’s not academic, sentimental or propagandist. One that is inspired by clown, mime, tragedy, magicians and filmmakers like Charlie Chaplin and Fellini. Our theatre is naïve! It’s a theatre of illusion that mobilizes the audience’s imagination to move them through laughter or tears, making them more tender and tolerant. 

A major portion of your contribution will go toward the premiere of our latest creation, Stories from Ovid’s Metamorphoses that includes a wonderful team of artists: Rob Feetham, Christine Horne, Nithya Garg, Daniel Henkel, Teresa Przybylski and Simon Rossiter. 

Your belief in the value of our work has allowed us to create our theatre all these years. Thank you!


Theatre Smith-Gilmour welcomes and acknowledges  the generous support of our corporate partners for the upcoming season:

Director’s Circle

Playwright’s Circle


Theatre Smith-Gilmour would like to acknowledge contributions from:

Michael B. Decter Foundation at Toronto Foundation

Bill & Cathy Graham