OAC Theatre Creators’ Reserve 2016-17

Theatre Smith Gilmour is a Recommender for the Ontario Arts Council Theatre Creators Reserve Program.

Program for: Individuals and Collectives

Purpose: To assist theatre creators to develop new work.

Eligibility: The program assists Ontario-based professional theatre creators, and informal collectives of creators, by funding them to create work. This is a third-party recommender program. Applications are made to and funding decisions are made by the theatre companies enrolled in the program.

Deadline: Postmarked on or before Monday, September 26th, 2016.

Company Interest and Priorities:

• Projects that reflect our cultural diversity
• Work that explores collaborative creation
• Unique theatrical investigations of the human condition

Each application will be reviewed individually based on its own merits and needs by Dean Gilmour and Michele Smith, Co-Artistic Directors of Theatre Smith-Gilmour. Recommendations and grant amounts will be determined based on the scope and scale of the proposed project, the artist’s history of creation and the feasibility of the artist’s work plan.

Application Instructions:

To apply, we request each applicant to prepare the following:

1. A letter or statement of intent that includes artistic goals, objectives relating to the work, and any other information about the project such as previous workshops or readings.  Also, include a brief statement describing how the project contributes to your development as an artist (2 pgs max).

2. A project proposal (1 pg max) and/or script excerpt (5 pgs max).

3. Up-to-date resume(s) (theatre and/or playwriting) for all major project artistic contributors (1 pg max/artist).

4. A budget that clearly shows how the artist(s) plans to allocate requested funds as itemized project expenses.

5. Support Material (print, video, or audio), if available.

6. 3 copies of the OAC Theatre Creators’ Reserve Application Form, available from the OAC website.

7. A self-addressed stamped envelope, if the artist(s) wants mailed notice of their application results.

Please send all material no later than the above deadline to:

Theatre Smith-Gilmour
C/O: Theatre Creators’ Reserve
563 Gladstone Ave
Toronto ON M6H 3J3

For more information email info@theatresmithgilmour.com