‘Death Married My Daughter’ comes to Toronto’s Theatre Centre

We are proud to announce after being selected for Patron’s Pick and Best of Toronto’s Fringe 2013 with an extended run at the Toronto Centre for the Arts, Death Married My Daughter is back for yet another catharsis!
Don’t miss this 6 week run in the brand new Theatre Centre April 11th-May 18th 2014

What would happen if Shakespeare’s Ophelia and Desdemona entered the theatre together before our very eyes?
What would happen if Ophelia and Desdemona came back from the swamps of death where they have endured the longest exile?
Resurrected by their desire to expose the “abusers” and “murderers”, they would revel in denouncing “Man”; they would destroy, with delight, the established values of a male society.
This is the story of Death Married My Daughter a biting, Bouffon-inspired satire that puts “Man” on trial.

Michele Smith and Dean Gilmour, artistic directors of Theatre Smith-Gilmour and pioneers of Canadian theatre, have co-written their first Bouffon show with Nina Gilmour and Danya Buonastella who are recent graduates of École Philippe Gaulier in Paris, France, where they studied and developed a passion for this wild and ancient style.

Nina Gilmour and Danya Buonastella in Death Married My Daughter

“The pair’s skewering of contemporary conservative forces, both female and male, is razor-sharp.”
– Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine

“Essential viewing for anyone who is politically engaged and… who identifies as an artist, feminist, thespian, misfit, outcast, and defender of humanity.”
– Jennifer McKinley, Mooney On Theatre

“This show is a festival essential.”

Who are the Bouffons? They are outcasts and misfits who come from the swamps, where they have been relegated; they come to denounce hypocrisy with mockery, irony and satire, to take the piss out of society. The Bouffons are the “deformed and ugly people” that the royalty would employ for their amusement; but inevitably the Bouffons would get carried away and go too far: they would speak the naked truth and risk a whipping or even death. Death Married My Daughter is the story of two Bouffons who come back to settle an old score.

Tonight, it’s the revenge of Ophelia and Desdemona! Come see their grotesque poetry and disturbing charm. With humour and satire, Nina Gilmour and Danya Buonastella charm and enchant audiences, exposing women’s condition in society, leaving them filled with laughter and jaw-dropping surprise.

Produced by Play It Again Productions
With the support of Theatre Smith-Gilmour and Why Not Theatre
Written by Michele Smith, Dean Gilmour, Nina Gilmour & Danya Buonastella
Directed by Michele Smith & Dean Gilmour
Performed by Nina Gilmour & Danya Buonastella
Stage Managed by Jiv Parasram
Lighting Designed by André du Toit
Production Managed by Michelle Galuszka

We are pleased to present this show as part of the ICC (Independent Creators Co-Op). This is a new initiative that allows independent companies the opportunity to work together under the mentorship of senior artists and produce new work in a shared creative space. For this project, we are excited to share the Theatre Centre for 6 weeks with Theatre Zou’s “Business as Usual” and Ahuri Theatre’s “Ralph and Lina”.