From The Board

To Cry Is Not So (1994) Dean Gilmour and Michele Smith. (l-r)

What magic it is to be part of the audience at a performance that connects, when a simple story achieves heft and resonance.

Something special happened at L’École Jacques Lecoq in the 1970s when Michele Smith and Dean Gilmour began collaborating creatively. And when they brought their magic to Toronto, audiences here fell in love as well. Artists too – each project draws a group of artists into the process – actors, directors, lighting and costume designers, stage managers. Together

They refine and refine, work and refine through trial and error, truth and trust. And then the audience completes the process and can see the thread – fine, silk, glowing: magic. Through this process of development, Dean and Mimi have inspired and nurtured many of Canada’s renowned artists, influencing a generation of theatre professionals.

A steady stream of performers and theatre artists who have worked with Dean and Mimi are weaving what they’ve learned into their roles and projects. Through extensive touring, Theatre Smith-Gilmour has introduced audiences around the world to their powerful productions. Thirty years on, Theatre Smith-Gilmour’s creative process is still arduous and challenging. And the rewards are still worth it for audience and artist alike. We continue to be inspired and challenged by the works Dean and Mimi create.

Throughout 2010, we have been celebrating 30 years of Theatre Smith-Gilmour. In April, we held a terrific gala evening at the Factory Theatre with artists and supporters. In November, we look forward to a re-mount of the Dora Award-winning production Spent at Factory Theatre. Touring and development of new work is on the agenda for 2011. We invite you to continue to share in the magic of Theatre Smith-Gilmour.