GRIMM, an original adaptation of 6 ancient stories from the Brothers Grimm by Michele Smith and Dean Gilmour with 17 young actors at the Humber College School of Drama in 2008.

For many years Smith and Gilmour dreamed of adapting these tall tales unearthed by the Brothers Grimm on their travels through Germany and France. They collected and shared folktales whose fantastical characters: witches, queens, dwarfs, monsters and princes gave both children and adults insights into the divergent tendencies that define our very humanness: naivety, wonder, violence and despair.

GRIMM explores how these strange, mythical stories relate to our experiences of fear, courage, love, hate, hope, joy and wonder in our own daily lives. It’s a journey back to that era of storytelling that allowed us to visit magical worlds of fantasy and danger, excitement and fear – all the while safely tucked under our bed covers. Grimm’s underlying message of hope and tolerance appeals to adults and children alike.

In our work we search for the hidden truth of these wonderful lies that have traveled from ancient India across the middle east into Europe, been translated orally into Hebrew and Arab and then into the European languages and along the way these tall tales were honed and crafted with details being added and taken away over the centuries.