Teaching and mentoring younger artists in our methods has been an important priority for us from the beginning, and it remains a high priority. We believe that the passing on of our methods and beliefs to a younger generation of theatre artists is as important as creating and performing.We offer an annual two week master class every summer that opens up our process to the wider arts community as well as connecting with artists we do not know. This program is meant as an open invitation to a new generation of artists to familiarize themselves with the company.

Dean Gilmour has influenced the training of many performers around the world. Since 1999, he has been a part-time  faculty member at Humber College  and was named professor adjunct at York University in 2001. He  has taught at George Brown, Equity Showcase, the National Theatre School, University of Toronto, University of Calgary, the Resource Centre for the Arts in Newfoundland, Dalhousie University, and Toronto’s Drama Workshop.

Internationally, he has taught at the Leipzig School of Drama in Germany, Chen Kei Shek Cultural Centre in Taipei, Tiawan, Shanghai Drama Academy in Shanghai, China, Hong Kong Cultural Centre in Hong Kong, China, the Sapphire Theatre in Guangzhou, China Yukon Arts Centre in Whitehorse and the Sibiu International Theatre Festival in Romania.

In 2008, Theatre Smith-Gilmour began to work with the Humber School of Drama to create a new original work. Over four months of development the group worked on a total of 25 stories from the Brother Grimm. Our show GRIMM included 6 stories and premiered at Humber College in November of that year.