Les Misérables School Performances

Theatre Smith-Gilmour invites your school to attend our new theatrical adaptation

adapted by Michele Smith & Dean Gilmour
in collaboration with the company
from the novel by Victor Hugo

March 16 – April 1, 2018

The Theatre Centre
1115 Queen St. West, Toronto

Student Matinees

  • Wednesday March 21, 2018 – 12 noon
  • Wednesday March 28, 2018 – 12 noon

Length: 2.5 hours, including a 15-minute intermission.  There are many options for lunch just outside the theatre on Queen St. West.

Package Details

Show + Question & Answer with cast and creative team
$16 per student (60% off full-priced adult ticket)
Minimum of 10 students

About our Adaptation

Les Misérables is a CALL TO ARMS against corruption. It’s a drama about love and change, celebrating the beauty of THINKING and REFLECTING, the beauty of REVOLUTION and SACRIFICE for a better world.

“It is nothing to die. It is frightful not to live.”

                                                      – Victor Hugo

Dora Award-winning company Theatre Smith-Gilmour re-imagines Hugo’s classic novel for a modern audience. This innovative project brings a new Canadian adaptation of Les Misérables to the stage.

Using movement, image, projection, and action, woven together with narration this adaptation follows the relentless tracking of Jean Valjean by Javert. The debate between Javert’s rigid adherence to the Law and the compassionate humanity of Jean Valjean is the heart of Les Misérables.  This struggle between conscience and self-interest echoes in all the characters around Jean Valjean: Fantine, Marius, Cosette, Eponine, and the Revolutionaries.

About the Company

Theatre Smith–Gilmour is an artistically driven professional theatre company. We are committed to creating theatre developed through an artistic process that gives expression and dignity to people’s imaginations and communicates stories of personal and universal meaning with a compassionate vision of the human condition.

Audience Advisory: None

Subject Areas: English, World History, The French Revolution, Philosophy, Geography, Civics, Drama, Social Justice

Themes: Morality and Righteousness, The Suffering and the Poor, Progress, The Redeeming Power of Compassion & Love, Religion and Faith, Glory of France

Discussion Topics

  • The characters in the play hold strong convictions. What or who would Jean Valjean die for?  The revolutionaries?  Javert?  Marius?  Cosette?  Eponine?  Is there a cause or person you would personally die for?
  • What are the internal and external factors that lead to Fantine’s decline?  Which of these factors are unique to her gender? Which of these factors are unique to the time period?
  • What are the main reasons that lead Marius to leave Gillenormand’s house? How does he resolve these conflicts?
  • Discuss the role that family allegiance plays in the lives of Cosette, Eponine, and Marius.
  • Do you see Eponine as a noble or tragic character?  Many see her as the most selfless character in the story. Do you? Why or why not?  Is it significant that she is a member of the Thénardier family?
  • What drives Javert to pursue Jean Valjean?
  • Discuss the ways in which Valjean both helps and hinders Cosette’s growth from child to adult.

More Information: visit theatresmithgilmour.com of email us at info@theatresmithgilmour.com

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