Chekhov's shorts (1999) Diana Tso, Patricia Marceau and Dean Gilmour. (l-r)


The Imaginary Invalid (by Moliere) – The Poor Alex


To Cry is Not So – Toronto, Victoria, Edmonton, Vancouver, St. John’s, London, Oxford, Brighton, Leicester, Beaumaris, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Four Dora nominations

TO CRY IS NOT SO (1992) Dean Gilmour

The Serpent Woman (by Carlo Gozzi, adapted by Smith/Gilmour/J. Sherman) – The Poor Alex


In the Wings of Eden (Smith/Gilmour/D. Cave) – Toronto (Poor Alex & Tarragon), Chemnitz, Plauen, Dresden, Edmonton, Winnipeg, St. John’s, Chisinau, Sibiu, Belgrade, Shopje, Thessaloniki, Calgary


The Decameron – duMaurier World Stage, Toronto


The Time and Place (by Botho Strauss) – Factory Theatre, Toronto, Four Dora nominations

Strangers in the Night (by Smith/Gilmour/H. Olschok) – Premieres at Begegnungen 95 International Theatre Festival, Chemnitz, Jena, Toronto

Strangers in the Night (1994) Dean Gilmour and Michele Smith. (l-r)

1996 Founding members of The Group of Seven Theatres

Kaldewey, Farce (by Botho Strauss) – Canadian Stage, Toronto

Le Malade Imaginaire (by Moliere) – co-production with Theatre Francais at Canadian Stage, Two Dora nominations, One Dora award


Sam’s Last Dance (by Sean Dixon) – The Theatre Centre, Toronto. Only Canadian theatre company invited to Cultural Capitol of Europe celebrations in Thessaloniki; performed In the Wings of Eden. Dante’s Inferno workshop (by Smith/Gilmour with the company)


Dante’s Inferno premiere at the Factory Theatre, Toronto

The Cherry Orchard – co-production with Theatre Columbus at Canadian Stage


In the Wings of Eden – tour to Eastern Front, Dartmouth NS


Chekhov’s shorts (adapted from Chekhov by Smith/Gilmour/the Company) – Toronto (15 weeks), Vancouver, Edmonton, Dartmouth, Hong Kong, Montreal. Three Dora Mavor Moore Awards

The Cherry Orchard (1998) Dean Gilmour, Michele Smith, Leah Cherniak and Martha Ross. (l-r)